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Computer Efficiency

Computer Consulting & Training


I'm an application specialist and my work as a computer consultant is focused on helping my clients streamline workflow and maximize productivity using Windows based software. My first step is to customize software settings. Over the last 20 years, I've compiled a checklist of settings I typically customize in Windows operating systems, MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, Corel WordPerfect and other programs. The software customization it takes me minutes to change often saves hours of frustration, makes software easier and more intuitive to use and results in increased efficiency.

I also troubleshoot problems, create automated processes, assist in the creation of forms and basically figure out how to accomplish computer dependant tasks the fastest, most efficient way possible. While I've worked with clients across multiple industries, the majority of my computer clients have been law firms, so I also have extensive experience in document production across multiple areas of law.

In recent years, I've expanded my computer support services to include helping small business owners get started with needed techology, from identifying the best low cost/high value services and equipment, to creating their websites, to setting up and linking their social media accounts and providing training, guidance and support in maintaining their technical resources all on their own.

Individual Computer Training

Delivered remotely, on-site at your office or even in a coffee shop, one-on-one training is the best value for your money. Highly customized to meet your unique needs, I focus every minute of our time together on YOU. And when I say highly customized, I mean that because there are often multiple ways to accomplish the same task, I recommend customized computing solutions, taking into account the specific goal(s) you need to accomplish, your individual aptitude, work processes and even your personal preferences.
BONUS: During the training sessions, I also provide FREE customization of your software settings and button bars/ribbons, providing immediate and long lasting increased efficiency and convenience.

Note: Remote Training utilizes secure online conferencing software. During the training, I'm able to view your computer and you choose whether to share your keyboard and mouse control with me.

Executive Training

Executives have unique computing needs and they vary in their level of hands-on document production and scheduling. My first step in every Executive computer training session is to assess their needs, capabilities and preferences in order to make a determination about what software features and processes to cover and how thoroughly.

New Hire Training

The goal of New Hire Training is to provide consistent training to all new employees, incorporating work group expectations as well as the organization's procedures and cultural mores. Combined new hire training and configuration of program settings to increase productivity typically takes around 2 hours and a 30 minute follow-up session is recommended after at least one week on the job.

Seminars & Classes

One Hour Seminars

Boost the productivity and efficiency of your executives and staff by providing a "Tips & Tricks" or topical seminar during a meeting, as part of a catered or "brown bag" employee luncheon, or during any other time during the work week. (Computing seminars are most effective when incorporating the use of a firm's projection capabilities.)

The more you buy, the more you save:
  • A Single Seminar: $200
  • 2 Seminars: $400   $380 (Save $40)
  • 3 Seminars: $600   $540 (Save $60)
  • 4 Seminars: $800   $680 (Save $120)
  • 5 Seminars: $1,000 $800 (Save $200)
  • 6 Seminars: $1,200 $900 (BEST VALUE - Save $300)
  • Computer Training Classes

    Classes are scheduled in blocks of three hours or less to maximize retention and training effectiveness. The recommended maximum class size is 12 students. While fees are based on a 6 person minimum, actual class size may be less if preferred. In planning and budgeting, keep in mind that because classes are interactive and NOT lecture based, it will always take longer to cover the same material with 12 people than it will with 6 people. Class content is never rushed, regardless of class size.

    The most cost effective format incorporates a single computer on overhead projection or large monitor. Because training is so interactive and customized, this format has proven to be not only cost effective, but extremely successful. However, for advanced level training, the best case scenario is for every student to have access to a computer during class.

    Class Pricing: $30 dollars per person, per hour, with a 6 person minimum.
    For example:
    ◼ A 2 hour class is $60 per person, w/6 person minimum, the total class price = $360
    ◼ A 2 ½ hour class is $75 per person, w/6 person minimum = $450
    ◼ A 3 hour class is $90 per person, w/6 person minimum = $540

    Computer Topics

    Training is offered for all the following software:
    ◼ Windows 10
    ◼ MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Outlook (all versions, all levels)
    ◼ Corel WordPerfect (all versions, all levels)
    ◼ Adobe Acrobat
    ◼ WordPress
    I am open to learning 3rd party or proprietary software and training staff as needed.
    ✱ Although I'm an approved CE provider for SHRM, in accordance with SHRM's Body of Competency & Knowledge, computer training is not eligible for SHRM continuing education credits.

    Communication Effectiveness

    Below is a growing list of the communication topics I train, coach and speak about. While these topics are all included in my Pragmatic Signature Programs, each one can be purchased independently and taught to groups or individuals with or without personal coaching for practical application.

    Interested in a topic you don't see on this page? Ask me about creating custom content!

    Foundational Skills

    Barriers to Effective Communication

    Learn to identify the factors that both interfere with and facilitate our interactions with others in today's fast-paced culture. Create the best case scenario for sending intentional, effective verbal and nonverbal messages to people who are inundated with information and equip yourself to identify and process the messages you receive - both intentional and unintentional.

    Listening Types and Tactics

    Do you want to be a better listener? Learn the different types of listening and when to employ them, how to identify and overcome barriers to listening, how to be an active listener and more.

    Understanding Non-Verbal Communication

    More than just body language and facial expressions, non-verbal language includes paralanguage such as rate, pitch and tone, inflection, disfluencies and even distance. Learn how to recognize, interpret and effectivly incorporate these non-verbal elements in your interactions with others.

    Design & Deliver Professional Presentations

    Learn to design and deliver a professional, credible, confident message, whether your purpose is to:
    ◼ inform (as in training or a briefing)
    ◼ persuade (as in a sales presentation or a job interview)
    ◼ deliver difficult news (as in an employee review or a public relations statement)
    ◼ inspire (as in a call to action or a sermon), or even to
    ◼ entertain.

    Intermediate Skills

    Influence & Persuasion

    Learn the critical elements of effective (and non-effective) persuasion, including an ability to identify the position and reasoning of the other person or people, how to establish your credibility and even learn how to influence someone who doesn't agree with you.


    Learn three important factors in every negotiation and how to use them to your advantage to negotiate a win-win situation or a compromise, rather than end up on the losing side of a win-lose outcome.

    Developmental Feedback (Constructive Criticism)

    Giving and receiving developmental feedback (aka Constructive Criticism) can be touchy. Learn to respectfully and supportively give honest, objective feedback with a goal of minimizing tension and maximizing the possibility of a postive, productive outcome. On the flipside, learn how to receive, process and respond to both negative and positive feedback.

    Leadership & Power

    Gain an understanding of the many types of power present within work and personal relationships, discover which type(s) you already possess and learn to strenthen and use it effectively.

    Advanced Skills

    Motivating for Change

    Learn the fundamental aspects of Motivational Interviewing and methods of encouraging someone who struggles with a negative or ambiguous perspective while steering clear of enabling or initiating rationalization and pushback. Learn to facilitate self-motivated, longer lasting change in individuals who struggle with ambivalence.

    Navigating the Multi-Generational Workplace

    For the first time in history, we have FIVE generations in the workplace: Traditionals, Baby Boomers, GenXers, Millennials and now, GenZers. The key to successfully leading these diverse work teams is learning to recognize and understand the unique talents and perspectives of each generation. Discover the strengths and weaknesses of each, how to effectively communicate with each other, learn from each other, combine our strengths to increase our effectiveness and supplement our weaknesses to form strong teams as we serve our customer base today while looking ahead to the customer base of the future.

    ~ If you are frustrated with the younger generation, remember, they are your growing customer base.
    ~ If you are frustrated with the older generation, remember, they had to convince THEIR older generation that THEY had something to offer and that THEIR way of working was the way of the future.

    PRAGMATIC Conflict Resolution

    Do you need to resolve conflict peacefully? Do you want to be more effective when resolving conflict? Learn how to recognize situations when it is best to intentionally avoid confrontation and when you should attempt to resolve conflict by employing 9 strategic steps.

    Dealing with Crazymakers

    Learn to identify classic narcissistic tactics and equip yourself to respond (instead of react) to attempts of manipulation and passive-aggressive attacks.

    ✱ This topic deals with proactive and responsive communication tactics only. If you are are struggling with recovery from abuse, PLEASE seek the assistance of a professional therapist specializing in the treatment of victims of narcissistic personality disorder.

    Delivery Format & Pricing

    One-on-One Training

    Individual training covering any of the above communication topics is delivered in person, over the phone and/or through video-conferencing. Training examples are generic and we don't discuss any personal communication issues you might be dealing with in your professional or personal relationships.

    $95 Individual Training on a Single Topic
    $180 Two Topics (Buy one, get a second at 10% off)
    $255 Three Topics (Buy one, get two more at 15% off)
    $950 A Full Signature Communication Coaching Program (BEST VALUE)
    (includes training AND coaching for practical application in your personal and professional relationships.)
    ◼ To request a discount group rate when purchasing individual training on the same topics for multiple people, contact me.

    If you are struggling to achieve effective communication within your business and personal relationships and need to work on practical application of communication skills within those relationships, I recommend communication coaching rather than training.

    One Hour Seminars/Workshops

    The content of any above communication topic can be summarized to fit within the time limits of a single seminar or workshop or can be expanded to cover the material more in depth over multiple sessions. Seminars are lecture based, workshops incorporate interactive team exercises and they typically run 60 to 90 minutes in duration. The more you buy, the more you save:
    ◼ A Single Seminar: $200
    ◼ 2 Seminars: $400   $380 (Save $40)
    ◼ 3 Seminars: $600   $540 (Save $60)
    ◼ 4 Seminars: $800   $680 (Save $120)
    ◼ 5 Seminars: $1,000 $800 (Save $200)
    ◼ 6 Seminars: $1,200 $900 (BEST VALUE - Save $300)


    Training Classes cover communication topics in much more depth, are highly interactive and typically run 2 to 3 hours.

    Class Pricing: $30 dollars per person, per hour, with a 6 person minimum.
    For example:
    ◼ A 2 hour class is $60 per person, w/6 person minimum, the total class price = $360
    ◼ A 2 ½ hour class is $75 per person, w/6 person minimum = $450
    ◼ A 3 hour class is $90 per person, w/6 person minimum = $540

    Communication Coaching

    Admitedly, this is my favorite. This is where I get to see lives transformed. If you genuinely put these skills into practice within your professional and personal relationships, they will change for the better. With coaching, I walk you through the entire process, help you overcome barriers and navigate each and every step. Contact me to schedule your FREE 30 minute needs analysis to see if we are a good fit to work together. NO risk. NO pressure. Just a conversation.
    Coaching can be in person, over the phone or through video-conferencing.
    ✱ I'm not a therapist, I'm a trained and experienced communciation expert and coach.

    Signature Programs

    Signature programs are custom training programs I've developed, each incorporating some of the individual topics above, but also connecting interrelated skills and digging much deeper. In addition, while training is limited to knowledge and communication theory, these programs lead you to the next logical step and guide you through practical application in your personal and professional relationships and circumstances:

    ◼ Communication in the Workplace
    ◼ Career Development
    ◼ Intentional Communication
    ◼ Successful Conflict Resolution
    ◼ Strategic Listening
    ◼ Abundant Life (Faith Based)

    Biblical Leadership

    Biblical Discipleship

    Biblical Discipleship

    I absolutely LOVE leading people to recognize the difference between religion and a relationship with Jesus and watching them redirect from striving to live "a good Christian life" to experiencing abundant life in Jesus by intentionally and determinedly pursuing a living, intimate, dependant relationship with Him. To that end, some services I offer are:

    ◼ staff/lay worker/small group discipleship training
    ◼ confidential consulting, mentoring and discipleship

    Biblical Leadership

    I've said that the foundation of everything I teach in the context of Biblical Leadership is: "Love God, Love Others and Make Disciples." Through relational and Biblical discipleship practices that include prayerful support, training and mentoring, I help believers learn to practice the presence of God, to develop a Christian worldview and to be a grace-filled witness for Christ in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to people of faith. To that end, some services I offer are:

    ◼ staff/lay worker/small group leadership training
    ◼ confidential consulting, mentoring and discipleship
    ◼ full or partial retreat leadership
    ◼ training/coaching sermon preparation and delivery effectiveness

    How to Be a Witness Without WitnessING

    Description coming soon.

    Biblical Speaking

    Whether you are looking for a retreat leader, a keynote speaker or something in between, check out the sections below this one to see a growing list of prepared faith-based speaking topics or CLICK HERE to view my faith-based Speaking Samples (most of which I still need to add to the topic list).

    Due to the sometimes drastic differences in event structure, location and venue, audience needs, requested content and budget constraints, pricing for each speaking engagement is negotiated. Don't let an assumption that my fee is out of reach prevent you from contacting me to find out if I'm right for your event. Keep in mind, I've been known to deliver presentations at no charge, depending on the circumstances.

    Biblical Leadership Training Topics

    Below are just a few topics I've prepared, but I've spoken on many more topics and am always open to developing new messages.

    Diversified Prayer Portfolio

    Possible coverage of this topic can dig into reasons we pray, the efficacy of prayer, hindrances to prayer, seasons of prayerlessness, developing a diversified "Prayer-Folio" and how to pray without ceasing.
    CLICK HERE to watch some clips from a prayer retreat I led.

    Pragmatic Reading for Spiritual Growth

    Before scripture means something to US, it means something [period]. In this topic, I share how to investigate the author's meaning before applying your own and how to find guidance and resources when you don't understand. I help find the method and schedule for reading that works for YOU in this season of your life (it can change) and I walk you through recognizing the dangers of playing "Bible Roulette", using "Magic Eight Bible" to rationalize opinions or decisions and the "Spiritual Horoscope" to guide decision-making. [In short - Nope, Nope and Nope.] As with prayer, you can dig in deep with me during multi-session training or I can cover a sub-topic within keynote speech.

    Grace-Based Pragmatic Conflict Resolution

    This topic has the same foundation as its secular counter-part, PRAGMATIC Confict Resolution, but every aspect is grounded in faith, grace and prayer. First, I share the positive consequences of conflict and possible negative consequences when there's a lack of conflict. Then I teach you to recognize situations when it is best to intentionally avoid confrontation and when you should attempt to resolve conflict. And most importantly, I show you how to prepare your heart and mind for before employing 9 strategic steps to actually resolve conflict.

    Sermons and Messages with Clarity and Purpose

    I can help you strengthen your delivery by honing your speaking skills. Fine tune the organization of your content, find the optimum length and structure to promote retention and confirm your message is coming across as clearly as you believe it is.

    Career Development

    Career Development

    Career Coaching

    Do you need to jumpstart or redirect your career? How do you figure out your "purpose?" Some say it's where your passions and talents combine with your education and experience, but I think that leaves something out: where your passions/talents and education/experience MEET A NEED. If you're looking for that sweet spot, I can help you find it, even if you don't know exactly what you want to do.

    The resume service and interview prep I offer are part of my Signature Career Coaching Program, but I also offer each service individually by the hour.
    (For details about what's included in each service, check out the section following this one.)

    ✱ Although the skills I teach are secular, if you're looking for a communication or career coach who never mentions how their faith impacts their own career or business and personal relationships, we're probably not going to be a match made in Heaven. See what I did there?

    Resume Service

    The training I offer isn't one-size-fits-few and neither is my resume service. A copy of your existing resume or a list of your previous jobs doesn't provide me with enough information to build a strong picture of who you are and what you have to offer prospective employers. Sure, I could create a good resume without you using only those documents, but I don't want to. I want to create a STRONG resume WITH you. I need to TALK to you. My goal is to equip you with a resume that opens the door to an interview leading to a thriving CAREER, not just a job. My method is to draw out all relevant experience and identify cross-over strengths in an attempt to establish a strong connection between your work history, life experiences and where you want to go in the future. It usually takes at least 4 hours. You're worth it.

    Every resume I create is unique because every client is unique. In addition, I find it impossible to restrict my involvement to the words on the resumes. During our time together, I can't help but provide career coaching and advice relevant to each client's specific situation. In addition, my clients usually learn a few MS Word tips and tricks as I explain what I'm doing while editing their resume.

    Pricing is $95 per hour, or SAVE by purchasing 4 hours for $350. It may seem like a lot for a resume, but there's much, MUCH more involved than editing and there truly is no comparison to the experience and final product you would get from purchasing a standard resume package.

    Still not sure? The first 30 minutes are FREE, with no obligation or pressure to continue. After 30 minutes, if you don't want to continue, no problem.

    Interview Prep

    Let me help you ACE your job interviews! First, I'll walk you through a detailed review of your resume from the perspective of a potential employer, then I'll help you create an interest provoking response to the "Tell me a little bit about yourself" request and finally, through safe but effective mock interviewing, I'll prepare you to:
    ◼ respond to questions about what's on your resume
    ◼ answer situational questions using the STAR model
    ◼ respond to illegal questions
    ◼ make a strong positive first impression
    ◼ establish a connection with an interviewer
    ◼ identify and respond to the "real" questions behind the questions being asked
    ◼ highlight how your unique skills and experience can benefit a potential employer
    ◼ negotiate compensation and benefits

    Online Audit & Profile Creation

    I've seen mulitple reports that say between 50% to 70% of recruiters have rejected an applicant because of what they found about them online. I love this quote by AppleOne Employment Staffing:

    "Golden Rule: “If you don’t want to talk about it in an interview,
    it shouldn’t be on the internet.”

    Recruiters research candidates by looking at their digital profiles, so it's important for you to see what the recruiter will see by doing a search of yourself on each search engine before sending out your resume. I can help you assess information on your profiles that isn't professional and has the potential to eliminate you from consideration. I'll also help you create a robust LinkedIn profile that leaves a strong positive first impression when a potential employer finds and reviews it.