Communion Training, Coaching & Consulting

Below is a comprehensive list of the training and coaching I offer as a faith-based teacher, speaker and life coach (discipler):

  • Individual Communication Training
  • Read More on Communion page - My mission is to help people recognize the difference between a "good Christian life" and abundant life in Christ and in doing so, to share how I intentionally and determinedly pursue abundant life in Christ through a living, intimate, dependant relationship with Him.

    - Do you want to be a better listener?
    - Do you need to resolve conflict peacefully?
    - Negotiation and persuasion?

    Rates: Individual training is provided at my hourly consulting rate. To respect the privacy of my current clients, that information is provided by request only. So call me. Email me.



    Communication Seminars

    Strengthen the communication skills of your executives and staff and encourage alignment with your organizational culture by providing a training seminar during a meeting, as part of a catered or "brown bag" employee luncheon, or during any other time during the work week.

    I offer three pricing structures to choose from:
    Purchase a Single Seminar for $160
    Buy one, get a second one at 20% Off (Two Seminars for $288)
    Buy one, get two more at 25% off (BEST VALUE - Three Seminars for $400)