About Pragmatic

pragmatic adjective \prag-'ma-tik\
focused on needs and results, rather than with ideas or theories

My services are focused in three areas:
Computers, Communication and Communion with God
image Pragmatic Computing is just that. The focus is on meeting specific needs in order to achieve optimal results. Every individual and company has unique needs and goals when it comes to document production, task and information management, scheduling and connecting with others through digital communication. The focus of Pragmatic computer training and consulting is on empowering clients to work smarter, not harder (or longer), maximizing efficiency by eliminating unnecessary steps, automating repetitive tasks and by minimizing the confidentiality and liability risks associated with recycling old documents.
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image Pragmatic Communication is the art of responding, not reacting. It's the successful application of proven communication theory in real, every day situations. The fundamental goal when working with clients is to increase the potential for successful interpersonal interactions and strong relationships by teaching them how to recognize situations in which it would be helpful to employ a particular communication technique and by equipping them to apply it effectively and successfully.
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image Pragmatic Communion characterizes an authentic no-holds barred relationship with God. I've encountered so. many. people. who mistakenly define Christianity as a religious affiliation, a moral lifestyle and a heart for service but have never experienced an intimate, dependant relationship with God that leads to abundant life - here and now, in this life and on this earth, not only in heaven after this life is finished. In my efforts to share the concepts and and teach the practices of Pragmatic Communion, I offer Biblical Leadership, Church and Parachurch Training, Consulting and Speaking.
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